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Have you ever thought of auditioning but the overwhelm of how to even get started has stopped you from pursuing your dreams? Or have you had the courage to show up and felt so lost that you couldn't even concentrate con the actual audition? Audition method's courses are here to help!!

Audition Method Results

Audition Method gives you answers to questions you didn't know you had. After years of trial and error, I have gained first-hand experience and knowledge that can be found in these courses. And as the methodology gets updated, the trainings will get refined.

  • You will be fully prepared for any audition

  • You will know what to expect at the audition and what is expected from you

  • You will gain confidence in the process so you can be fully present and concentrate at the audition itself

  • You will present yourself as a professional even as a novice with a great looking headshot and a proper resume

  • You will discover what unions are, how their auditions are run and what is expected of you

  • You will learn what non-union auditions and work are all about

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For performers who are looking to up their game

Cheryl Daro - Multi-Hyphenate Performer & Producer. Co-creator of Mondays Dark. AEA Member

Learning how to audition is a skill set of its own. With technology the way that it is now, it is much more than just learning your lines or songs. There is a difference between walking into a room for an audition in person, or doing a self tape at home. The Performer will need to learn how to audition in these different forms. Not only are creative looking for talent, they are now looking for technique through multimedia. A program like The Audition Method is important for performers who are looking to up their game in the professional world. You will learn things that you won't learn in a traditional theater program setting. I highly recommend gaining skills in this field and highly recommend this program!

So beneficial for newbies!

Rebekah Hurst

"Such a great class. This class was so beneficial when I first moved to New York. Not only did it help me figure out what I was doing in the city but it gave me friendly faces at auditions and I wouldn't trade that for anything! Literally, the best foot forward in the industry is this class."

Knowledge is power

Lauren Bell - AEA Performer - Producer - Educator

"Audition Method will help you prepare and feel confident for your auditions. Knowledge is power and the Audition Method gives you that strength. I only wish I had a program like this when I got started!"

"I recommend this course to anyone who may be new to acting"

Armani Cooper

"When I first came to the audition method, I was still pretty fresh in my career, and I had no clue which direction to take. Thankfully, Geraldine guided me through everything! I went from having no clue on how to format my resume to being a lot more confident in my auditioning and how I present myself. I recommend this course to anyone who may be new to acting or just need to brush up on things. Either way, you'll be leaving with a sense of direction and gratitude. I know I did."


  • What is the Audition Method?

    Auction Method are courses to help define what auditions are all about. Take the mystery out of it and understand whats happening before you walk in the door. The not knowing causes Anxiety and Overwhelm which leads to needless mistakes and lost opportunities. Audition Method spells it all out for you.

  • Will I be informed if there are any course updates? If so, how?

    If you purchase any of our courses, you will automatically receive notice once there has been an update via the email you provided when you sign up. As we enter the post-Covid world things will continue to shift and you will always be informed of any changes.

  • Can this course help me if I live outside of NYC?

    Absolutely!!! Certain theaters/companies may have their own ways of doing things however the basics are always the same!

  • Can this course help me if I’m a dancer, actor or singer instead of musical theater?

    YES!!! The basics of auditions are the same across the board no matter what performing artists you are! But stay tuned for future classes geared toward tv, film, commercials and dance!

  • What if I want to know more?

    You are in luck a full “Signature course” which dives deep into the nooks and crannies pack full of resources and information is coming out shortly!

  • Do you offer additional support outside of the course?

    Yes absolutely! I also offer coaching to artists to build their confidence and expand on the areas touched upon in the course. Please send me an email and we can get started in setting goals and accomplishing them!

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In Person Workshops

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If you are an educator or part of an Arts institution and are looking to further support your students past graduation, I hold in-person workshops that usually end with a Mock audition so the students get to feel what it would be like in "the real world" without the pressure and with live feedback.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with me for more information!  


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