Audition Method Course Results

After taking the Audition Method course you will be able to:

  • Walk into an audition process and know what's expected of you

  • Know what kind of headshot you Must have

  • Write and format your performing artist resume

  • Present yourself at auditions as a professional

  • Evaluate unions, AEA, SAG/AFTRA, AGMA and decide what path is best for you

Method to the Madness

Get started now so you can increase your auditioning confidence.

Course Curriculum

Intro to Auditioning Mini-Course

    1. Headshots

    2. Resumes

    3. Cover letters, Websites and Reels

    4. Unions and their auditions

    5. Non- Union/Non-Equity & Zoom Auditions

    6. BONUS Video!

    1. Am I done? Not yet!

    2. Curtain Down Survey

    3. Extra info

    4. Act II

  • $89.99
  • 14 lessons
  • The Basics of Auditions


Founder Geraldine Rojas

Geraldine grew up in the suburbs of New York City with her "local theaters" being Broadway. Her parents are from Argentina, and her husband is from Rome and is trilingual. Having been trained by greats of the theater and dance she always had her eyes on the stage. She went to college and received a BFA in Dance and then started to audition as soon as she graduated. She slowly realized how complicated the auditioning world was and was not prepared but she also realized she wasn't alone. She went on to work on stages from casinos to luxury cruises, commercials, and regional theaters to name a few. She is a proud Actors Equity member and has recently acquired 3 new roles....Mama, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach!


For Performers Looking to Raise Their Game!

Cheryl Daro- Multi-Hyphenate Performer & Producer. Co-creator of Mondays Dark. AEA Member

Learning how to audition is a skill set of its own. With technology the way that it is now, it is much more than just learning your lines or songs. There is a difference between walking into a room for an audition in person or doing a self-tape at home. The Performer will need to learn how to audition in these different forms. Not only are creative looking for talent, they are now looking for technique through multimedia. A program like The Audition Method is important for performers who are looking to up their game in the professional world. You will learn things that you won't learn in a traditional theater program setting. I highly recommend this program!

Best foot forward!

Rebekah Hurst

"Such a great class. This class was so beneficial when I first moved to New York. Not only did it help me figure out what I was doing in the city but it gave me friendly faces at auditions and I wouldn't trade that for anything! Literally the best foot forward in the industry is this class."

Knowledge is power - wish I had this when I was starting out!

Lauren Bell - AEA Performer - Producer - Educator

"Audition Method will help you prepare and feel confident for your auditions. Knowledge is power -and the Audition Method gives you that strength. I only wish I had a program like this when I got started!"

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