After taking the Signature Course you will achieve the following

  • Decreased overwhelm, intimidation and anxiety by knowing what to expect and whats expected of you

  • You will be fully prepared BEFORE your first auditions and avoiding making rookie mistakes

  • Will have a clear understanding how a typical audition is ran

  • How to write a proper performers resume, the do's and don'ts

  • Resources, tools, tips and so much more!

The Signature course

Everything you need to know about auditions! Headshot, Resumes, Websites, cover letters, reels, unions, contracts, how to prepare and so much more!

    1. Welcome!

    2. How to use this course

    3. One more thing....times are always changing!

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Headshots and how to find the "right" photographer for YOU!

    2. What shots do you need?!

    3. At the Photoshoot and your Makeup artist

    4. Picking the winning shot

    5. Resumes

    6. Special Skills and Putting it all together!

    1. Cover Letters

    2. Websites

    3. Reels

    4. Casting Platforms

    1. Unions

    2. ECC - Equity Chorus Call

    3. EPA - Equity Principal Audition

    4. Non-Union

    5. Where to find auditions

    1. "Typing"

    2. What to wear

    3. Callbacks

    4. Self Submissions

    1. You're Booked!

    2. Create an Audition Diary

    3. The importance of Training, having Special skills and Networking!

    4. Agencies: Do you need one?

    5. Conclusion

    6. Before you go...

    7. Resources

About this course

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Method to the Madness

Don't get intimidated by the audition process! Learn what to expect from the get go and avoid making mistakes that can lead to missed opportunities!

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Meet your Instructor

Founder Geraldine Rojas

Geraldine grew up in the suburbs of New York City with her "local theaters" being Broadway. Her parents are from Argentina, and her husband is from Rome and is trilingual. Having been trained by greats of the theater and dance she always had her eyes on the stage. She went to college and received a BFA in Dance and then started to audition as soon as she graduated. She slowly realized how complicated the auditioning world was and was not prepared but she also realized she wasn't alone. She went on to work on stages from casinos to luxury cruises, commercials, and regional theaters to name a few. She is a proud Actors Equity member and has recently acquired 3 new roles....Mama, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach!